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Health assessments revolutionised

Oracle Healthcare is a Sydney-based clinic providing comprehensive health assessments to individuals, corporations, executives and leadership teams. 

Grounded in research and delivered through state-of-the-art technologies, our interdisciplinary team will guide you towards your best health. 

The future of preventative medicine is here – under one purpose-built roof. Conveniently located within the North Shore Hospital precinct.


Get the guided support you deserve from our healthcare professionals. Be empowered to take charge of your wellness for optimal health.

Corporate and executive health

Build a culture of wellness, high morale and productivity. Because a happy, healthy team is a high-performing team.

Why preventative health screening?

It’s a simple and logical approach. Preventative health screening identifies medical conditions and risk factors before they become an issue. Be empowered with a personalised health plan to minimise the risks, possibly reverse or prevent the onset of disease altogether.

Promoting a proactive approach

At Oracle Healthcare, we take action on screening diseases that can be leading causes of premature death. 

In Australia, chronic diseases account for nearly 90% of deaths. The good news is that 40% of these chronic diseases are preventable. Regular screenings and addressing risk factors can lead you to a healthier life.

Supporting you through life's stages

Ageing is one of the greatest risk factors for chronic conditions like obesity, dementia, diabetes, and stroke.

You can’t stop the ageing process, but you can manage your risk factors and increase your chances of delaying the onset of poor health. With Oracle Healthcare screening, we can provide key health metrics to quantify your progress as you age

The Oracle Healthcare difference

We pride ourselves on offering premium full body health checks and on-going support – striving for quality at every turn. 

From our experts to our state-of-the-art clinic – you can expect dedicated and professional care every-time.

Exercise Physiologist

Holistic end-to-end health assessments

Choose from our extensive range of assessments and diagnostics, custom-made to meet your needs. After each assessment, we provide follow-on support to help you make meaningful changes.

The gold standard in cutting-edge technology

Our health assessments are designed in line with the latest evidence and medical research.

At Oracle Healthcare, we provide gold standard and cutting edge technology which arms you with knowledge – and empowers you to take action.

An expert team in a dedicated setting

Our interdisciplinary team of experts works towards one goal – empowering every client to achieve optimal wellbeing.  

By working cohesively in a purpose built clinic, our streamlined process helps you find your best health sooner.

Our location within the North Shore Teaching Hospital Campus allows us to incorporate a diverse range of specialists and diagnostic services if required.

“We’re excited to lift the standard of preventative healthcare by combining the latest innovation and technology with a personalised approach. Resulting in greater impact long-term on the lives of our clients, as we support their journey to better health.”

Dr Lena Attebo, Medical Practitioner
Founder & Director

Dr Lena Attebo

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